Fort Myers Beach has 7 miles of public beaches. We are updating our photos of Fort Myers Beach on a regular basis.
Fort Myers Beach has beautiful white sandy beaches and the Island is surrounded by a National Wildlife Park and Wildlife Preserve Areas.

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach Attractions and Things to Do

The awesome white sandy beach clichés are very true - and that's why we visit Fort Myers Beach often...   Mary C., IN.

FMB360 Photos of the 2009 Sand Sculpting Championship

The entire 7 miles of white sandy beach is available to the public, from the Gulf of Mexico to the adjacent private property borders. Access to the beach, however, is often private. The Town of Fort Myers Beach provides public beach access all along the beach. These parking and access points are clearly marked along Estero Blvd.

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Fort Myers Beach Reorts Captiva Villas

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Marker 3 off Bowditch Regional Park

The Fishing Pier Fort Myers Beach

Lani Kai Island Resort

The Mound Key

Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park

The Beach Pub Bar and Grill

Red Coconut RV Resort

The Outrigger Resort

Sunset Condos

The Island Winds

Pointe Estero Fort Myers Beach

The Holiday on Fort Myers Beach

The Island Reef


The Estero Beach and Tennis Club

Leonardo Arms

Riviera Club

Sun Caper

Fort Myers Beach Boating and Sailing